A big part of Thyme Traveling is our garden (scroll down for photos!) which is why I've decided it deserves its own page here. In 2007 when we bought our home, we started out with a 4 x 4 pine box in the backyard that I filled to the brim with vegetables. I had no idea what I was doing...Since then, year by year, it has evolved into a garden that covers the front and back yard, utilizing every scrap of sunshine we are able to find on our small property. Every year has been a learning experience, and I've been sharing all of it on my Instagram since 2014. Instagram has been an amazing tool for reaching other organic gardeners, sharing tips and tricks and even swapping seeds! My garden is a big deal to me. It is my happy place. Everything is 100% organic. No weed killers, synthetic fertilizers etc. I use homemade compost to feed my plants and liquid seaweed emulsions. Since we don't use anything unnatural, we never really know what we'll be harvesting one season to the next. Some years we are up to our ears in green beans, some years its squash. You just never know. I'm always trying new techniques to increase our output and protect our plants. My dream is to eventually have a space that will allow us to grow 100% of the veggies we use on the truck! Take a scroll through some of my favorite pictures from the garden and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

Our Garden